SGDCPThe Spanglish Girl Diaries is a new series authored by Spanglish Girl, author of our hit Lo Que La Vida Me Robo blogs, which to date total 40k + views world-wide.  It was through the success of the novela blogs that Spanglish Girl was inspired to write a novela of her own, loosely based on her life.

The Spanglish Girl Diaries centers around Spanglish Girl's journey to independence as a newly divorced woman, struggling to survive financially and cope with the cultural and emotional aspects of divorce, as a modern Latina.  The diaries are filled with honesty, humor, and plenty of drama.

As we like to put it, The Spanglish Girl Diaries is part Sex and the City, part telenovela because it truly encompasses both:  It's sexy, funny, and above all, fun.

From The Spanglish Girl Diaries...

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A new diary will be posted bi-weekly.  For media inquiries, please contact us through our contact tab.

About Spanglish Girl:


15129890_10211327573845041_375674619_n-pngSpanglish Girl is a blogger for the Spanglish Girl's Guide and host of the new podcast series, Se Habla Spanglish with Spanglish Girl.  She is also an aspiring writer of bilingual Children's literature and adult fiction. She earned a B.A. in English and a minor in Political Science from Northern Illinois University.  She hopes to attend Law School in the near future.  On her free time, she enjoys travel, hanging out with friends and family, nature, reality tv (the Real Housewives franchise is her favorite) and writing.


The Spanglish Girl Diaries

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