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The Spanglish Girl Diaries

Not your abuelita’s novela!

From our very own Spanglish Girl, The Spanglish Girl Diaries (SGD) tells the story of a young Latina who wakes to find her husband has left her for “la otra.”

Heartbroken, betrayed and without money, she embarks on a journey to prove she can make it on her own. But as fate would have it, right as she finds happily ever after within herself, love enters her life again, forcing her to decide which path to follow: Does she give up the fabulous single life she’s worked so hard to build, or does she travel down a more traditional path and give into the dreams she stopped believing in long ago…

In a first of its kind, this fierce and modern day telenovela challenges the telenovela damsel in distress narrative by giving us a headstrong Mexican-American protagonist who saves herself.  The story also breaks barriers by delving deep into Latino American life and the patriarchal and cultural challenges faced by an independent and unapologetic Latina.

Loosely based on Spanglish Girl’s life, the series has captured the hearts of Latina readers everywhere.

As we like to boast, this is not your Abuelita’s novela…

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