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La Gata: Spanglish Girl’s Recap and Review (Episodes 21-25)

Cinderella arrived at the ball and then–the novela ended… Thank goodness tomorrow is Monday, already.

So, yes, Esmeralda has finally evolved into a princess, minus the prince. She had several “Pretty Woman” moments this week: shopping sprees, makeover, etc. Now she is on equal footing with Pablo and his Gentuza and there is nothing they can do because like them, she now has money—thanks to el Silencioso.

So let’s talk about the brawl this week! Esmeralda and Pablo need to get …

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La Gata: Spanglish Girl’s Recap and Review Episodes 16-20

Well, that settles that: Pablo and Esmerelda have officially left the “honeymoon” phase of their relationship. Now comes the wonderful phase—reality…

So the week started off with the two love birds still missing each other and feeling confused, then Pablo got sick and his “gentuza” showed up to be with him in New York. Once he was released from the hospital, he decided to return to Mexico with his family (gentuza) and new “fiancé,” Monica. I put fiancé in quotes because the girl …

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La Gata: Spanglish Girl’s Recap and Review Episodes 11-15

First of all—when did they get married! When we learned Esmeralda was pregnant, I was so lost.  I actually started to wonder if I had gone crazy and  somehow missed an episode…. yikes. Apparently, it wasn’t just an imagined wedding—Pablo and Esmerelda did get married and she has the paper to prove it! Well, she did until that Cruella Deville lady ripped it to pieces. You know who I’m talking about—Pablo’s mom (if you’d call her a mom).  The paper doesn’t have much meaning anyway: …

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La Gata: Spanglish Girl’s Recap and Review Episodes 6-10

Esmeralda should really try all three:


So this week, the two love birds had a case of La Mala Suerte (bad luck).  If a storm wasn’t tearing down Esmeralda’s home, she was getting kicked out of it.  If an unwanted admirer wasn’t stalking her, another one was running her over, offering her a job, and then firing her because she wouldn’t accept his advances.

The girl needs a limpia.

As for Pablo, …

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La Gata: Spanglish Girl’s Recap and Review Episodes 1-5

Episode 1-5

I’m back! And boy have I missed blogging about novelas. I know it’s only been a few weeks since my last novela blog about Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, but it feels like an eternity has passed.

Ok, so let’s get started.

I think I’ve seen this story line one too many times. It’s another “Cinderella” story: Rich boy falls in love with poor girl, saves her from a life of poverty and …

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La Malquerida: Flaca’s Recap and Review Week 1

It’s is only week one and already I’m hooked! Truthfully, it only took the first episode… What can I say? I’m a novela lover at heart and this novela has already won me over. In fact, this novela is so good that I’ve already cried like a baby, once. I couldn’t help the tears that came when Acacia’s dad passed away. It was muy triste (very sad).  Also, I already “hate” Norbeto. Only a good novela can stir up so many emotions (tears …

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