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The Spanglish Girl Diaries: Home for the Holidays (Season Two: Diary No. 7)

The Spanglish Girl Diaries

Mid-Season Finale: Home for the Holidays

 (Season Two Diary No. 7)

From the window of the airplane, I looked out over the Las Vegas strip. We had arrived home.

Next to me, with her head on my shoulder, my mother slept.   The closer we came to landing the more nervous I became. The four-hour flight from Milwaukee had dragged by slowly, giving me plenty of time to think. …

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You know you’re a Spanglish Girl if…


  1. You have ever walked into a Latino grocery store and felt panicked by someone trying to speak to you in Español.

  1. You think you speak Spanish because you understand every word in your novela, only to watch the Spanish news and feel totally confused.

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  1. You could totally relate to Selena when she finally stopped trying …

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