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You are viewing The Spanglish Girl Diaries

The series that has us all talking and reading!

From our very own Spanglish Girl, a novela loosely based on her life which has captured the hearts of Latinas everywhere.

The Spanglish Girl Diaries (SGD) tells the story of a young Latina who wakes to find her husband has left her for “la otra,” but even worse, he also took all the money…

Heartbroken, betrayed and broke, she embarks on a journey to prove she can make it on her own, without a man. But as fate would have it, right as she finds happily ever after within herself, love enters her life again, forcing her to decide which path to follow: Does she give up the fabulous single life she’s worked so hard to build, or does she travel down a more traditional path and give into the dreams she stopped believing in long ago…

In a first of its kind, this fierce and modern telenovela challenges the telenovela damsel in distress narrative by giving us a headstrong Mexican-American protagonist who saves herself.  The story also breaks barriers by delving deep into Latino American life and the patriarchal and cultural challenges faced by an independent and unapologetic Latina.

In other words, this is not your Abuelitas novela…

Copyright 2017.  The Spanglish Girl’s Guide| D.C. Anchondo. All rights reserved.

The Spanglish Girl Diaries is the sole property of D.C. Anchondo.

Official SG Diaries Trailer:

The Spanglish Girl Diaries: Happily Ever After (Season 2 Diary No. 19)

The Spanglish Girl Diaries

Happily Ever After

Season Two Diary No. 19

Series Finale Part 2 of 2

My voice slightly trembling, from the guilt of the pain I was about to cause him, I replied:

“I can’t accept your offer. I’ve worked too hard for the life I have—My career, my house, my freedom—I’m sorry, but I can’t go back to depending on a man.”

I searched his eyes desperately hoping to …

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The Spanglish Girl Diaries: Ride or Die Chick (Season Two Diary No. 18)

The Spanglish Girl Diaries

Ride or Die Chick

Season Two Diary No 18

The first words out of Cristiano’s mouth were, “Is it mine?”

His ex-girlfriend shook her head yes and shared she was 7 months pregnant so it had to be his. I quickly did the math in my head, and I was relieved to realize that at seven months, the baby would have been conceived before Cristiano and I, even met.

Cristiano then …

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The Spanglish Girl Diaries: Mi Novio… (Diary No. 17 Season Two)

The Spanglish Girl Diaries

Season Two Diary No. 17

Mi Novio…

Earrings! He bought me earrings! Not a ring! Thank God…

As Cristiano held the earrings up to me, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Still recuperating from the scare, my emotions got the best of me, and instead of responding to his question, I placed one hand on my heart and shouted, “Don’t scare me like that! I thought it was a ring!” …

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The Spanglish Girl Diaries: Single Girls Have More Fun (Season Two Diary No. 16)

The Spanglish Girl Diaries

Season Two Diary No. 16

Single Girls Have More Fun

Finally clear of the dance floor—and my admirers—I was free to relax. I found a seat at the very edge the bar and slid off my heels. The bartender neared me and asked what I would like.  I ordered a soda and as I waited for it to arrive, my thoughts turned to Cristiano.

After all the attention I received tonight from men, …

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The Spanglish Girl Diaries: Madrina (Season Two Diary No. 15)

The Spanglish Girl Diaries


Season Two Diary No. 15

As I pulled up to Carina’s house, I spotted Natalia peeking out the front window. Within seconds, the front door swung open and she came racing out, Carina following behind her.  Excited to greet my new goddaughter, I jumped out of my car and neared her with my arms wide open.

We met each other with a hug. As I lifted Natalia and twirled her, she shrieked …

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The Spanglish Girl Diaries: Special Delivery

The Spanglish Girl Diaries

Special Delivery

Season Two Diary No. 15

On the dot, right as I landed, Cristiano text me he was waiting at baggage claim. Three weeks had passed since we last saw each other. Truth be told, I could barely remember what he even looked like…

Tired from an overnight flight and drained from the emotions of having to say goodbye to my mother, I began to second guess this whole morning date. My …

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