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Nature is My Medicine

This Labor Day weekend, I gave myself permission to be free: there was no diet or set schedule, just an agreed upon destination (kind of). I spent my days canoeing at sunset, lounging on docks, visiting quaint shops and eateries, and exploring whatever sights I happened to come upon.  It was wonderful!

My friend Sparkley Moonshine, also a carefree spirit when it comes to travel and relaxation, was my travel buddy.  Our trip started in Bayfield, WI: a docking point to the Apostle …

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A weekend of fall fun

Fall awakens a part of me that enjoys all things cozy, warm, and festive. In September and October, I enjoy going on walks and drives to admire the fall foliage and—of course—baking. For me, there’s no cozier fall feeling than when my home is filled with the aroma of pumpkin and cinnamon as I bake a pumpkin pie, or when I go for a walk with my husband on a colorful, cool fall day.

On Saturday, I planned an entire day around baking …

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The Ortiz’s Go To Yellowstone.

Deep in the wilds of Wyoming bear country, my family gathers around the warmth and shelter of our campfire. A canopy of stars peek through the haze of smoke emanating from dozens of fires around us.  At the height of my Tio’s story, about a human size owl he once saw, a high pitched howl sounds from the woods behind us, startling everyone to their feet. “It’s La Llorona,” someone whispers.  “No, it’s a coyote,” someone else chimes in. “I think it’s a wolf,” I …

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

On my evening walk today, I captured these beauties. Sometimes I forget how beautiful and giving Mother Nature can be: the aroma of blossoming flowers on a breezy spring day is a wonderful gift indeed and it’s free–you just have to be willing to go for a walk in the great outdoors.

Enjoy, I did.

Photos courtesy of the Spanglish Girl’s Guide Bloggista Delfina

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All you need is your iPhone…

To take beautiful photos, you don’t need an expensive camera.  I became a “photographer” by chance: with nothing more than my iPhone and the beauty of nature, I realized my talent for capturing beautiful moments. Below I share some of my favorite photos–proof that all you need is your iPhone…

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