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Thanksgiving Traditions

My childhood memories are filled with images of past Thanksgivings. Like many American families, our Thanksgiving meal was the pinnacle of our holiday. But it isn’t the meal that I remember most, it’s the small things we did, the feelings I felt and the traditions we created.

For my family, the Thanksgiving preparations were as much part of the traditions as the actual feast. Every year, we would begin planning the big feast weeks before the holiday because our guest list was huge  …

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A Turkey Recipe That Will Make You Gobble Gobble Till You Wobble

Three years ago, I tried the Food Network’s Alton Brown Good Eats Roast Turkey Recipe and loved it!  I now make it every year for Thanksgiving. The recipe yields a moist, flavorful, and beautiful turkey.

If you too are in need of a turkey recipe, I highly recommend it! You can view and print the Food Network’s Alton Brown Good Eats Roast Turkey Recipe at the following link:

Here is a picture of my Thanksgiving turkey last …

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Spanglish Fall Printable

For the Spanglish home, we’ve created a festive Thanksgiving word art template. You can surround it with seasonal items and place it in any area of your home. Regardless of how you frame it and display it, it’s sure to warm up your home with holiday cheer.


Note: frame pictured above is larger than the template below allows. Feel free to enlarge template or take it to a printing press to have it enlarged.

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