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Top 10 Latino American Films and Documentaries to Watch

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve compiled a list of inspirational Latino American films and documentaries to watch. That these films will leave you feeling inspired and proud to be Latino American, is just a plus.


The Spanglish Girls Guide

1- PBS Latino Americans

2- Spare Parts

3- La Bamba:

4- McFarland

5- Mi Familia (My Family)

6- Cesar Chavez

7- Selena

8- Walkout …

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With Hispanic Heritage Month upon us, I can’t help but reflect on my own identity as a Latino-American. Although I was always proud to be an American, I lacked a sense of belonging because I did not know how I fit into the American experience and this left me feeling disenfranchised from the American identity.

It wasn’t until my teenage years when my aunt lent me a video series titled La Raza—that I learned about the Mexican-American experience and the …

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A Starter’s Guide to Discovering Your Mexican Ancestry


Could you be Pancho Villa’s great granddaughter or a descendant of Spanish royalty? After all, where do you get your taste for the finer things in life or your passion for activism?

Well, it’s time to find out, so you can finally put those far-fetched family legends to the test. You might feel overwhelmed and a little lost, but that’s why I’m here to help you get started. When I finally decided to start working on my family tree, I …

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