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So, about that resolution…


Now that the holidays are well behind us, it’s time to get back on track—especially if you’ve already broken your new year’s resolution to lose weight. There is still time to make 2015 a productive and healthy year. Below are some of my tips for living a healthier life:

  1. Take your own lunch to work. It’s cheaper and you can control what you eat. You can also pack snacks in your lunch, so you don’t ruin your diet when …

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Love Your Chichis!

aaaaaaOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month—I like to label it “Love Your Chichis Month.” In correlation with the efforts to increase awareness for breast cancer, I’m dedicating this blog to the importance of early detection.

This year, my mother was diagnosed with breast and endometrial cancer within a three month period.  She was fortunate that both cancers were treatable. Early detection was instrumental in my mother’s ability to beat cancer twice.

My mother’s fight against …

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El Affordable Care Act (A.K.A Obama Care): Understanding the basics for the uninsured.

1314902_99313658With the Affordable Care Act open enrollment period currently taking place , my uninsured relatives and friends have begun to ask, “¿Qué hago?” If you’re uninsured and wondering the same thing, keep reading.

Below, I will provide you with the information I have obtained and shared with my relatives and friends. All of the information I provide can be found in English and Spanish at (, an official government website managed by the U.S. Centers …

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