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Don’t forget your protest sign!

If you’ll be one of the millions marching today to protest against Trump’s bigotry, intolerance, and sexist comments, you’re probably going to need a protest sign.

If you didn’t have time to make your own sign, don’t worry. A group of well-known artists including Shepard Fairey, Jessica Sabogal, and Ernesto Yerena are sharing their work for free courtesy of The Amplifier Foundation (check them out and support them if you can). Below we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ones with …

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Brief Glossary of College Terms

college terms - CopyAssociate Degree: Commonly referred to as a 2 year degree because it takes a student enrolled full-time 2  years to earn the degree. Associate degrees are typically offered by community or junior colleges.

Bachelor’s Degree:  Universities and colleges bestow a bachelor’s degree on students who have completed the graduation requirements in a specific major (field of study). A bachelor’s degree is often referred to as a four year degree because it should take a student enrolled full-time four years to graduate with …

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What Every Latino High School Student Should Know About College Preperation

In high school, I was a disciplined student with a decent GPA. I volunteered and participated in many extracurricular activities, and by my senior year I held coveted leadership positions. Even more impressive—I had already attended college through a summer high school program.  Because of my accomplishments, I was certain that I would be able to attend the college of my dreams, but I was wrong.

It was during the spring semester of my senior year, when I learned I did not meet …

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