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An Omelet to Die For: Spinach, Feta, and Cherry Tomato Omelet

IMG_2335Well, maybe not die for but at least “want” for…

This morning seemed like a fabulous-breakfast-cooking kind of day. It was a gloomy overcast morning and the view from my cocina put me in the cooking spirit. Plus, it’s a three day weekend, so I thought, “what the heck, why not cook!”


The view from the cocina (aka Spanglish Girl’s Guide “Test” Kitchen). Ok, enough with the chit-chat. Here it is, an omelet …

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Sweet Corn Tamales

Tis the season for corn and with so much corn, what is a Spanglish Girl to do? Make corn tamales, of course!  So a week ago, I ventured off to the farmers’ market and bought myself some corn with this very blog in mind.

Truthfully, I could have just walked over to one of the corn fields across from my house–but I don’t think the farmers would like that very much. Can you imagine? Spanglish Girl in the can for picking corn without …

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Maria’s Turkey Picadillo

Maria’s Turkey Picadillo:

Picadillo is a classic Latin American dish which consists of ground meat with vegetables or peppers in a tomato sauce base. To make the dish healthier, I use turkey meat. Picadio is one of my favorite go to recipes during the week because it’s easy and quick to make. I cut the preparation time down by using frozen mixed vegetables. Enjoy!

*Recipe is a little spicy.  You may substitute one can of tomato sauce for one of the …

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A Turkey Recipe That Will Make You Gobble Gobble Till You Wobble

Three years ago, I tried the Food Network’s Alton Brown Good Eats Roast Turkey Recipe and loved it!  I now make it every year for Thanksgiving. The recipe yields a moist, flavorful, and beautiful turkey.

If you too are in need of a turkey recipe, I highly recommend it! You can view and print the Food Network’s Alton Brown Good Eats Roast Turkey Recipe at the following link:

Here is a picture of my Thanksgiving turkey last …

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