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What a year! Spanglish Girl’s 2017 Highlights

Hola, amigas! How are you all?

I know it has been a while since I last shared a personal blog.

So what have I been up to since the finale of the Spanglish Girl Diaries?  Well first there was my birthday trip to NYC with one of my best friends. It was truly one of the best girls trip, ever!  My friend and I spent our days gallivanting around the city, visiting the top tourist and foodie spots.


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Aloe Vera Face & Hair Mask

Latino Beauty Hacks from Abuelita’s Kitchen & Garden

As a young girl, growing up in a rural western town where there were no stores, and money was tight, I and my sisters relied primarily on family beauty recipes passed down from our mother, grandmother and aunts to help treat skin and hair issues.

My grandmother’s home in many ways was the perfect resource.  Her kitchen cupboards were always stocked and her garden abundant. So I guess while most girls visited ULTA …

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Selena Receives Hollywood Walk of Fame Star


For die hard Selena fans, there is finally a star to visit on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  The star will forever memorialize not only Selena’s life, stardom, and success, but also be a symbol of her everlasting legacy, which for so many young Mexican-American girls, has always served as  reminder that their dreams too, can come true.

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Latina, Catholic, Feminist & Proud

An open letter to those who say I cannot be Pro-Choice and Catholic:

I grew up Catholic, Mexican-American and poor.  All three of these identities shaped me into the woman I am today—a proud feminist.  That is until I marched in the Women’s March and my identities collided, forcing me to evaluate my identity as a Catholic feminist.

After the women’s March, I came across a Facebook post from a fellow Catholic woman, slamming those of us who marched, reminding us …

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Don’t forget your protest sign!

If you’ll be one of the millions marching today to protest against Trump’s bigotry, intolerance, and sexist comments, you’re probably going to need a protest sign.

If you didn’t have time to make your own sign, don’t worry. A group of well-known artists including Shepard Fairey, Jessica Sabogal, and Ernesto Yerena are sharing their work for free courtesy of The Amplifier Foundation (check them out and support them if you can). Below we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ones with …

Share this article a year in review and what’s to come in 2017

Hola, Chicas!

It’s been a rough year for Latina-Americans, from having to defend our community against the racist rhetoric of a Trump candidacy, to loosing Juan Gabriel, it’s no wonder we’re happy to say adios to 2016! But on the bright side, in Arizona, we kicked Sheriff Arpaio to the curb and, in Nevada, elected the first Latina to the U.S. Senate, Catherine Cortez Masto.

I guess looking back, one could say it was a year full of highs and lows.   …

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Red Chonies and Twelve Grapes: I’ll do whatever it takes!

The Spanglish Girl Diaries

Red Chonies and 12 Grapes: I’ll do whatever it takes!

Season Two Diary No. 8

According to my madrina, red underwear bring romance; yellow, wealth and white, peace, so here I was, on New Year’s Eve layering on the chonies, as she advised I do.  Her exact words, “Ay no hija, despues de el ano que tuvistes, pontelos todos!”

I next made my way to the …

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Noche de Paz DIY Nativity Ornament

DIY Noche de Paz Nativity Ornament

A heartwarming gift, this DIY nativity ornament will not only warm your heart but also remind you of the reason for the season. So turn up your favorite rendition of Silent Night, mine being the Spanish version, Noche de Paz, and craft away! Preferably while snow flutters past your windows.  #itsaspanglishgirlslife

Happy Holidays!

Spanglish Girl

Supplies: (I purchased supplies at Michael’s Craft Store)

Three …

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Se Habla Spanglish with Spanglish Girl: a new podcast series

Hola, Chicas!  I’m excited to share more about a new podcast series I’ve developed.  I’ll be using my voice to discuss topics that I feel are important, fun and interesting through the perspective of a Latina-American.  From dating, politics, familia and career, nothing is off limits.  Mark your calendars!


Se Hable Spanglish with Spanglish Girl 2017 Schedule:

January E1. Career woman: How I made it through college on a budget and landed my dream job. Tips to help …

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Dear family and friends who support Trump: I’m scared. Please help.

To my Family and Friends who supported Trump: I’m Scared. Please help.

Dear Trump supporters who call themselves my friends, acquaintances, family, neighbors, colleagues, classmates—those of you who have shared moments in life with me—my fellow Americans.

Please don’t ask me to calm down, I can’t.  You stood by a man who would call me a murderer, rapist, drug dealer and deem me professionally unqualified simply because I am Mexican. You also stood by a man …

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