You know you’re a Spanglish Girl if…



1. You have ever walked into a Latino grocery store and felt panicked by someone trying to speak to you in Español.

2. You think you speak Spanish because you understand every word in your novela, only to watch the Spanish news and feel totally confused.

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3. You could totally relate to Selena when she finally stopped trying and just said, “Me siento muy excited.”

4. You’ve ever felt jealous of the Gringos who can speak better Spanish than you.

5. They put you in ESL even though you’re fluent in English.

6. Your Spanish speaking parent finally gave up trying to communicate with you in Spanish and resorted to using their broken English.

7. You’ve experienced that look of disapproval from Latinos who expect you to speak perfect Spanish because you’re Latino.

8. You sing along to Spanish music even though you don’t understand half the words.

9. You conveniently pretend to not understand a lick of Spanish when your Spanish speaking suegra is annoying you.

10. And last, you cheered on Edward James Olmos’s character in Selena when he said, “We have to be more Mexican than the Mexicans and more American than the Americans…it’s exhausting!”


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  1. You girls are so much fun! I’m a Spanglish girl myself (half Panamanian) and am now a Spanish teacher (beginning-level Spanish to middle school students) who is attempting to raise my daughters to speak Spanglish also. 😉 Following you guys and sharing this post! —- Amy @

  2. The Spanglish Girls Guide on

    Thank you Amy! We love to hear from readers. Spanglish Girls really are the funnest are we not! Sorry we are commenting so late. Thank you for visiting!

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